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Astra Hard Seltzer Cans Go Slim!

Greetings fellow Earthlings! We have been so excited to share the awesomeness that is Astra Hard Seltzer with you all. We had no idea that we would grow this fun little project into what it has become today. We are the premier hard seltzer brand in the Cincinnati Tri-State area offering up some of the most flavorful and sought after hard seltzers in the region!

Since we launched our seltzer in November of 2018 it has gone through a few different evolutions. When we launched it we bottled our seltzer under the March First name. Shortly after we started canning our beer and cider at March First and ditched the bottling line. This allowed us a little more flexibility to have fun with our seltzers!

In December of 2019 we re-launched our seltzer brand as Astra by March First. The Astra brand quickly became one of our best sellers and one of the most fun to play around with. The design of the cans feature real imagery from NASA satellites, telescopes and missions. The whole idea pays homage to the fact that Ohio is home to more astronauts than any other state. Up until this month we have been packaging Astra in regular 12oz cans just like our beer and cider products which was perfectly ok with us as Astra kicks the industry norm with a darker theme. However, as we added more slim canned products to our portfolio like our ready to drink canned cocktail series under Sycamore Distilling and the Breeze line with FigLeaf we believe now is the time to switch over Astra to slim 12oz cans!

The new re-design looks as good as ever featuring the main part of the satellite imagery right with the logo giving it an extra pop. You should see the new cans hit the market this month. The first three flavors available in the slim cans will be Bomb Pop, Saturn Peach and Red Cream Soda!

We are currently deep into research and development of new flavors. Stay tuned on our social media for when we plan on dropping new flavors in the taproom. We will be doing limited draft releases of our creations as we dial in which flavors we want to can. If you have any crazy ideas for us reach out and let us know what you're thinking! We love community input!

"Here's to those who lead us through our hardships to the stars."


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