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Ohio is home to pioneers in many fields. Notably, Ohioans have blazed new trails in space flight, with more than 22,000 hours of combined hours in space by Ohio astronauts. Astra celebrates and honors our unsung heroes of space.

All Astra Hard Seltzer products are crisp, sparkling beverages made with all-natural flavorings, pure filtered water, and a touch of sweetness.

This is not a menu. If you are looking for what is available in the taproom please see our menu.

Cherry, Sparkling, Sweet
Brings you back to the good old days chasing down the ice cream truck to grab a popsicle. Astra Bomb Pop recalls those raspberry, cherry flavors of the all american summer treat. 


5.0% ABV
Peach, Sparkling, Refreshing
Astra Saturn Peach is our no frills hard seltzer. It has a classic seltzer taste that isn't too sweet and brings just the right amount of peach flavor.


5.0% ABV



Creamy, Sweet, Cotton Candy
Astra Red Cream Soda is exactly as advertised. You'll be remembering those times cracking open a Red Cream Soda with your friends down the street, only this time it's a hard seltzer!

5.0% ABV

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