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Garage Sale

April 5: 1-5pm and April 6: 11am-3pm

March First Warehouse 7828 Redsky Dr.

We're making room in our warehouse for more bourbon and whiskey barrels so we're having a good old fashioned yard sale! Join us on April 5th from 1-5pm and April 6th from 11am-3pm and take a look at what we're selling. You can also take a look at some photos and the item list below.

Wood Display Shelf on wheels

Mini fermenters (15 g)

Metal chairs

Stainless steel table legs

Air compressor

Sheet metal

Wood display cabinet

Sliding security fence

Stainless steel cooler bin

Ping pong table

Speed wells

Random lights


Deep Fryer (missing pilot light)

Wood display shelving white

Stainless steel soap dispensers

Wire baskets

Kegerator 4 tap

Kegerator 9 tap

HVAC pad plastic

Aluminum ramp

Grease trap

3 bay sink

PH meter


Stainless steel basin sink


Prep cooler


Pressure washer

Leather chairs

Exhaust fan

Door and frame

Ice cream chest freezer



Stainless steel hand sinks

Light Fixtures


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